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killer____looks's Journal

Killer looks.
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This is another rating community,for females & males. If you post an application and you will get votes,and if you have more yes than no you are accepted at the community. We do not reject people because they do not have the same taste as us. That's so fucking weird&for jealous ones. And we are not so hypocrite that we let people fill in questions about politics and say that we rate your looks. Where are you waiting for anyway? Post an application and find out..if we think you're good-looking or not!

Before this became a rating community,it was supposed to be a community about the 80's and American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis. Do you like that too,then you can post in our community and you don't have to apply. It would be cool if you introduce yourself a little. You only have to apply if you want to rate other people.


1.Please post an application within 48 hours after you joined. (this rule is not for the people who joined because they are also a fan of American Psycho.)
2.You may bitch at others but only if you have a reason. If you have as reason : "Because I am so gorgeous & intelligent and you're not",you are fucking DUMB. Outside your own world there are no people that are better than others. Of course,we can not all be gifted with good looks and a beautiful character. But please,try to hide your inner ugliness as much as possible.
3.You may whine if you are rejected. Whining is human. At least we see it for what it really is,a compliment.
4. NO promoting for all the other fucking rating communities unless you asked for permission.
5. Do not vote for a member unless you're accepted yourself.
6. Fill in the application if you want to become a member. Use a LJ-cut.
7. The subject line of your application must be: "You got me spinning round, round, round, round (like a record)". (From Kylie Minogue's song red blooded woman)
8. Say : "I think..." before giving your opinion on somebody. I would like this to be a community that's maybe dumb, but at least not as unbelieveably stupid as the other ones.
9. Do not use words as meh,gah or nope,unless you have got serious brain damage.
10. No beauty challenges here. Do you seriously get a kick out off winning from somebody else? Oh,jesus.
11. Mark your application & all your posts as friends-only!

1. Cederlina MOD
2. Insolubility
3. Luna

Use this pic:

Or this:

And don't forget to add that we are a fast growing rating community with a lottt of members & we're very active. (When we actually are active I will change this text into "Back when we had three members,this was funny")

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